Find and download all technical information about the FROTH-PAK sprayfoam. 


What’s the insulation value? Is it waterproof? Where to find the closest distributor? 


In need for additional information on FROTH-PAK? Interesting articles on insulation. 


Find and download all technical information about the FROTH-PAK sprayfoam. 


What’s the insulation value? Is it waterproof? Where to find the closest distributor? 


In need for additional information on FROTH-PAK? Interesting articles on insulation. 


What is the insulation value of FROTH-PAK?

The relative insulation value of a material is expressed as a reversed -value (Lambda). The Lambda value of Froth-Pak is 0,022 W/mK. The lower the Lambda-value, the better the material insulates. The absolute insulation value of a material is expressed as the R-value, and depends on the thickness of the material. The R-value of Froth-Pak is 0,45 m² K / W per cm thickness. The heat conductivity is expressed as the K-factor which equals to 1/R.

What do you need to start?

The FROTH-PAK system is characterized by its fast and simple mounting: two cylinders with the individual components and the gun hose assembly (GHA). The GHA is a gun with hoses, nozzles, spanner, vaseline, and instructions. You only need some appropriate clothing and safety glasses for immediate start.

What is the difference between QR and SR?

QR is quick rising insulation foam. The foam reaches its final volume after 30 seconds and can be cut within 5 minutes. This foam is applied to surfaces (vertical or horizontal) and is most commonly used in residential applications.

SR is slow rising foam. It reaches its final volume after 60 seconds and can be cut within 8 minutes. This foam is mainly used in injection applications (industrial, OEM and specialties). In case of injection applications, please be aware of the increase in pressure that occurs during rising.

What safety precautions must be taken when using FROTH-PAK?

Before using the FROTH-PAK kit it is mandatory to read the MSDS that lists what precautions that must be taken. Eg. protective clothing, ventilation in closed space, … The basic components, isocyanate and polyol, require certain measures to protect the skin and body. Once the FROTH-PAK foam is cured, it is inert and harmless.

What are the temperature related issues?

The two cylinders with the individual product must have a temperature between 25 ° C and 30 ° C. The temperature of the surface to be treated is of less importance. In extreme conditions (temperature of the surface is less than 5 ° C or more than 50 ° C) there should be some testing done.

How can FROTH-PAK help to fulfill the EPB regulations in case of a renovation?

FROTH-PAK has a higher insulation value than conventional insulation materials. With equal thickness of both types of insulation, higher R-values are obtained with FROTH-PAK.

Because of the fact FROTH-PAK is an air-and moisture-tight sealing you will also avoid unnecessary drafts and you will easier meet to the ventilation standards.

Is FROTH-PAK flammable?

As with every organic product, FROTH-PAK insulation will burn in a fire. The product will however not contribute to the fire. Once the source of the fire is removed, the foam will not continue to burn. FROTH-PAK is Euro Class E certified. For further details, we refer to the MSDS sheet.

To which materials does FROTH-PAK adhere?

FROTH-PAK spray foam adheres to all materials, with the exception of certain plastics such as polyethylene film or PTFE (Teflon). The surface must be damp and dust free, and should not be tainted with oily substances.

What are the advantages of FROTH-PAK spray foam in comparison to traditional insulation?

FROTH-PAK spray foam insulation has got several unique advantages in comparison to the conventional insulation methods:

• Airtight sealing which excludes draft, dust and insects
• The insulating spray foam has a Mu-value of 33
• The foam will significantly improve the structural strength of the treated surface
• The foam has significant noise and vibration damping properties
• High insulation value. Insulation thickness is limited
• Easy to use (fast-simple-efficient)
• Very long lifetime
• Ability to insulate places that are difficult to reach
• Timesaving. The insulation foam expands to its ultimate volume within 30 seconds and fully cures into a solid permanent structure within five minutes

What is the noise insulation capacity of FROTH-PAK?

FROTH-PAK spray foam will, depending on the applied layer, absorb a part of the sound or vibration. This can result into a noise reduction of 50%. It is important to note that this reduction factor is strongly related to the carrier of the foam (a metal surface will has less good results in comparison to a wooden surface).

What are the possible packaging and what is the yield?

The summary below provides an indication of the expected return. This, however, depends on various factors such as product temperature, environment temperature, humidity, pressure build-up in case of injection. For example, the yield in case of injection of the foam in a cold cavity can vary up to 20%.

FROTH-PAK mini kit: 25-35 litres of expanded foam  [disposable]

FROTH-PAK 180: 375-430 litres of expanded foam [disposable]

FROTH-PAK 600: 1250-1430 litres of expanded foam [disposable]

FROTH-PAK 1900: 3900-4500 litres of expanded foam [refillable tanks]

How much FROTH-PAK is needed for a given thickness?

You first determine the area of the surface to be treated:

Surface = length x width

Afterwards, determine the thickness of the insulation in mm: each mm is 1L per m² Then multiply the two results together to obtain the total volume.

Example: A roof of 10m long and two oblique sides of 5m gives 2 x (5m x 10m) = 100m ² If you need an R-value of 3.6, you need a thickness of 8cm (80mm). 100m ² x 80l / m² gives 8000l expanded foam. Depending on whether this is a one-time project or you are a professional you can choose between different packages (disposable or reusable) depending on accessibility of the room that needs to be insulated.

How can I find the nearest distributor?

To find the nearest distributor, please contact Polymer Insulation Products by:

Tel. : +32 50 40 51 70

Contact form

What’s the expiry date of the FROTH-PAK tanks?

When manufactured, the cylinders have a shelf life of 15 months. The production date is indicated on the packaging.

Are the hoses and spray gun reusable?

Yes. One of the components of the FROTH-PAK insulation foam is isocyanate, which blocks the used hoses after a while, depending on the storage conditions. Therefore it is necessary, when not in use, to flush the hoses once a week to put new product in the lines and avoid blocking.

If the GHA kit is not used for several weeks/months, the GHA kit can be cleaned with the Cleankit assembly PU cleaner, sold by Polymer Insulation Products. The Cleankit assembly makes it possible to perfectly clean the hoses and the spray gun on the inside, so it can be stored for a longer period between two applications.

Is FROTH-PAK waterproof and can it be used for shipping / fleet applications?

Yes, the two components FROTH-PAK foam consists of more than 95% closed cells which makes it waterproof.

Is FROTH-PAK suitable for outdoor use?

Polyurethane foam is not suitable for exposure to UV light. Exposure to UV rays (even indirect sunlight) will result in foam with an orange / red color within a few days or weeks. Constant exposure to sunlight will eventually result in deterioration of the foam and its fragmentation. The foam must be painted or coated with a UV-resistant substance if used outdoors.


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